Friday Faves: Customizable Planners, Recipe Books, and New Blog Loves


With so many creative goodness happening on social media, blogs, and other websites, I thought it would be fun to showcase what caught my interest during the week. Get your Pinners ready and say “Hello, Weekend!”

1. Andrea at Simple Organized Living created a daily planner that is completely customizable. All you have to do is download the planner, type in your lists, and print it out.

I’m going to keep this on the back burner for when I (eventually!) spend my days working at home as a blogger/hobbyist/rental/real estate mogul. Well, that’s my dream anyway. Right now, my day job has my schedule pretty much laid out for me, but it’s perfect, for now.

2. Family Favorites Recipe Book

Photo Credit All Things Simple

I love the idea of color coding your recipes so you can easily find what you’re looking for. I currently use tabs, but with sheet protectors on my recipes, they stick way out of my notebook. That, in turn, gives me anxiety. This would definitely solve that problem.

3. How to Build a Storage Bed


I saw this step-by-step guide in an issue of This Old House. I think it’s just too cute – and would be perfect for our future beach house.

I told Joseph he can build it while I read the instructions. {grin}

4. Food choices are NOT a moral issue according to this post over at Keeper of the Home.

It’s easy to get caught up in what you should and should not eat. I’m only just starting the whole baby step thing towards eating more fruits and veggies, and this post helped me gain perspective. I have this habit of, “I’m all in, or not in at all.” Not good for the stress level, I tell ya.

5. I found a new blog love. Coincidentally, their name also has the word love in it. I could spend hours browsing their posts and paint colors. They make me want to be a DIYourselfer, even though I already kind of am. Yep, this one’s going in my Google Reader.

What was your favorite thing this week?


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P.S. We finally got the sewer issue all fixed…..what a relief! Now it’s onto the 150 other house projects, which I’m sure you’ll see on the blog over the next few months.


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