Hi! I’m Kalyn Brooke, and I’m on a mission to help you create a lifestyle you love, on whatever budget you have.

I’m a full-time writer and blogger living in sunny Southwest, FL, with my news-photographer husband, Joseph, and one super adorable bunny named Twix.


I’m ambitious, driven, and hard-working, and I crave anything that keeps me busy. Book hoarding is my weakness – I’m almost always in the middle of three, and a freezer stocked full of ice cream an essential luxury – PB please!

And when I do get the rare chance to “relax”, I like to explore the outdoors with my husband…minus the snakes and gators.

About CreativeSavingsBlog.com

If this is your first time on Creative Savings, get ready to start a frugal journey that is actually FUNThis isn’t a stuffy financial how-to site, and you won’t see coupons and deals 10 times a day.

Instead, Creative Savings gives you a fresh perspective on frugal living, and the kick-in-the-pants you need to start a budget from scratch. Because budget, doesn’t equal boring. Not even close. It’s actually quite motivating and freeing.

By sticking to a budget, we’ve managed to pay off our five-year car loan in two, buy a duplex for rental income, and take a vacation every year since we’ve been married.

We aren’t a high-earning family either. I think you might laugh if you knew how much we actually make per year!

So what’s the secret? It’s simple, really.

You can afford ANYTHING you prioritize.

That sentence alone should be enough to revolutionize your thinking. It certainly changed my life. I went from loathing my financial situation, to actually doing something about it.

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I decided I wasn’t going to be defined by the limits of my budget. I wanted to take my money, my finances, and my future, into my own hands, so I could look back with satisfaction and say, I did that…and it made a difference!

Creative Savings is all about showing you how to make that change too. However, I don’t ever want you to feel overwhelmed. I firmly believe that baby steps are the key to creating a new and improved lifestyle.

Here are some posts to help get you on the right track:

I encourage you to browse around this blog and find the method that works for you. Choose money saving strategies that integrate seamlessly into your routine, without trying to accomplish everything at once.

Just a few changes can lead to great results, and you might be surprised at how much FUN you can have living on a small income!

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