Habit #2: Create an Evening Pick-up Routine

This post is part of my Year of Intention series, where I’m working on one mini habit each month to create lifelong change. Download your own Mini Habits worksheet here and follow along!

Give your home a quick facelift before bed with this 15-minute daily decluttering routine. This one simple habit will significantly improve your mood, and make you much more productive each morning!

It’s unbelievable how quickly a house can go from sparkling clean to cluttered and messy — almost as if I don’t have time to even admire my hard work before the jungle of papers, boxes, counter crumbs and dirty dishes take over again.

But when I have a clean home, I’m more productive, and dare I say even happier. Instead of walking on crumbs, eyeing flat surfaces full of junk, and watching bunny hair tumble across the hardwood floor, I’m able to focus on writing, work on house projects, and spend a little bit of time nurturing my soul without feeling guilty.

However, a home will not magically clean itself as much as I wish that were the case! Instead, it takes daily cleaning habits practiced over and over again to right our house after every mess.

Rather than dive right into a weekly cleaning session, this month’s habit will be a quick pick-up at the end of every evening to give my home a simple face-lift before heading to bed. I’m pretty sure I’ll not only sleep better, but my mood will also drastically improve after waking up to less mess!

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