Day 30: Eliminate Excess Debt

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Buried under thousands of dollars worth of debt? Here are 5 easy ways to eliminate debt fast. #5 gives you the greatest potential to succeed!

Maybe you’re wondering why I waited until the very end to talk about debt. I mean, isn’t that really important to get rid of?

Oh-my-word, YES! But here’s the thing…

When you aggressively tackle debt that is above and beyond the average house payment — meaning, credit cards, school loans, car payments, outstanding medical bills, etc. — how are you going to have any extra money to put towards the balance if you haven’t tried reducing any of the previous expenses at all?

You can’t. Unless, of course, you get a second job to increase your income. Personally, I think it’s much easier to cut the costs we already have, rather than work longer, harder hours at minimum wage!

We are all just trying to survive — some of us paycheck-to-paycheck even, so the thought of having an extra $20 to put towards debt might be a pipe dream to you. But when you radically reduce ALL your expenses like we’ve talked about in this series, it becomes an even greater reality. <– {Click to Tweet}

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